HMB 3000

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Advanced Leucine Metabolite
  • 3000mg CaHMB per serving
  • 480mg HMB per Serving
  • Supports Recovery & Endurance Performance
  • Increases Muscle Mass & Strength Development
  • Reduces the recovery time
  • Effectively Decreases Breakdown of Muscle Protein
  • Reduces soreness and muscle tissue damage

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Take Your Body to its Peak Potential

HMB 3000, beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate, is a metabolite of the branch chain amino acid leucine, which is considered by experts as the most important of all essential amino acids needed for muscle growth. HMB works by increasing the recovery speed and time of damaged muscle tissue. Muscle grows during recovery, and hmb capsules speed up this process. It is particularly beneficial for people who are new to exercise because their muscles are more prone to damage when compared with advanced lifters.

Supplementing with Klr.Fit’s HMB-3000 has the following benefits:

  • It increases protein synthesis, thereby increasing lean muscle mass
  • Prevents muscle cells from entering a catabolic (breakdown) state
  • Reduces soreness and muscle tissue damage
  • Increases strength and endurance while reducing recovery times
  • Assists fat-loss and lean mass preservation
  • Extremely effective during the first 6 months of lifting
Nutrition Facts:
HMB 3000
Directions for use:

Take 5 capsules daily. For optimal results take 1 capsule up to five times a day, with large amount of water (before breakfast, before lunch, before and after training and before sleep). Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

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HMB 💪🏻

December 3, 2023

This is amazing product, using it for almost one month it’s really beneficial for muscle building and recovery. It reduces muscle catabolic state which results in better muscle protein synthesis. Good job!

Utkarsh Chandan

Best and Effective

December 3, 2023

Hmb3000 is best, because when you start using it, You can see the amazing strength result, This is my personal experience 👍🏻

Shashwat Garg

Pure hmb at this rate 🔥

December 2, 2023

Very helpful in preventing your muscle loss



December 1, 2023

This is an awesome product, I started seeing results in less then a month


It is a good product

November 4, 2023

This is the 1st time I am using HMB supplement. It is really a good product. I am happy.

Md Alam
4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 5 reviews)
Very good20%
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