“It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which is body is capable” ~ Socrates.

My first year at the gym was total failure. We were a group of young men, all in our early twenties, on a mission to transform our bodies. We spent countless hours in the gym pumping heavy weight iron: we did hundreds of bicep curls, barbell squats, dumbbell lunges and what not.

Six months later, the results were disappointing. Except for minor gains, we pretty much looked the same. The transformation we had envisioned was nowhere to be seen, or even felt.

I wish we knew then what we know now

Working out is just 30% of the fitness game. The real evolution lies in nutrition. What you put in your body – the fuel – matters the most. We did not make gains because all the time our bodies were starving for nutrient-rich fuel. It is impossible to achieve optimal growth without striking the right balance of nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

We learned this the hard way but you don’t have to.

At KLR, we have assembled a team of world-class scientists to leverage the latest research in the field nutraceuticals to create supplements that are genuine, safe yet insanely effective. Each individual ingredient undergoes rigorous lab and real-world testing before it is chosen. Every product we introduce is based on real science and contains premium ingredients that help you meet your individual macro and micro nutrient needs.

We started KLR because the fitness industry has been infiltrated by inferior products, either containing banned substances or based on unreal science. However, we are here to change the game. We are going to show you that real nutrition backed with real science can take your fitness to whole new dimension.

We are here to dominate. Let’s grind together and build bodies that inspire.

Signing off.

Our Mission

Push the boundaries of fitness with the aid of vigorously tested and scientifically-backed nutraceuticals and dedicated training.

Our Vision

To use our expertise in the field of nutrition to give way to a healthier society.

Our Core Values

We Value Quality

All our products are tested for superior quality. Each ingredient is exclusively selected for maximum efficacy. Our supplements have been vigorously tested in both lab and real world conditions. Remember: Premium products produce premium results.

We Value Dedication

We’re on the cutting-edge of research in the nutrient industry. Our team is continuously striving to create supplements that are safe, genuine yet insanely effective. We’re extremely dedicated to what we do, are you?

We Value Evolution

The field of nutrition is constantly evolving. Traditional knowledge is being challenged every day. We continuously evaluate the latest research in nutrients, vitamins and minerals and always strive to improve the efficiency and quality of our products.

We Value Results

First things first: We’re not a supplements company. We’re a fitness results company. We measure our success by your transformation. KLR supplements along with a dedicated training schedule are real game-changers. Witness the change when you adopt a KLR lifestyle.

Our Production Process