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At Klr.Fit, we have unwavering commitment to quality. Our supplements are fully transparent and are formulated with high quality, patented ingredients that have been validated by science and real-world testing.

We believe that every supplement that goes in your body must be scientifically-backed, and of premium quality. And above all, it should be safe.

The fitness market is flooded with knock-offs, products hiding behind proprietary blends, fake claims based on inflated science etc. With everyone trying to make a quick buck, it is increasingly difficult to create genuine supplements rooted in real science.

Here is how we fulfill our commitment to create supplements that are science-backed, safe and insanely effective.

Production as per Highest Industry Standards

Our comprehensive ingredient selection process, rigorous lab testing, quality control, and manufacturing processes are all done for one purpose: to create the highest quality fitness products.

We take quality control very seriously. Our manufacturing facility is [popup_anything id=”2304″] , [popup_anything id=”2307″] and [popup_anything id=”2308″] (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified. We have a long history and manufacturing experience in both pharmaceutical and nutraceutical production, supported by approvals and production license from the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

Use of International Patented Ingredients

We use scientifically-backed, clinically-tested patented ingredients sourced from international sources. Each ingredient is exclusively selected for maximum efficacy, and after careful consideration.

We don’t hide behind cheap blends, generic ingredients, inflated science, or fake claims, but source the purest, most potent raw materials and patented ingredients to provide you fitness supplements of superior quality.

The benefit of using patented ingredients is that they come from reliable, trusted sources and are validated through rigorous research and numerous clinical trials that prove their effectiveness.

Backed by an Experienced Team of Researchers

Our passionate and dedicated team of world-class scientists evaluates the latest research on nutrients, vitamins and minerals to create supplements that are on the cutting-edge of science.

Our products are fully transparent, formulated with ingredients sourced from trusted international sources and blended in powerful formulas by our expert team of scientists.

Here’s a glimpse into our production facility.

Our state-of-art QC and QA Laboratories are well-equipped to manufacture all kinds of fitness supplements. All products undergo stringent lab testing procedures to maintain quality and carry the Actuacion Nutricion Quality Seal.

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