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Can’t exercise during Quarantine? Try Housework!- With the world under lockdown, getting your daily workout is harder than ever. Gyms are closed, you can’t go to public parks, and you’re sick and tired of doing pull-ups and push-ups at home.

But what if we tell you there’s a way to burn calories at home? One that is a lot more efficient and productive than running on a treadmill, and going nowhere.

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The best way to burn calories while at home is…housework. Yes, you heard it right. Housework burns a ton load of calories and happens to be quite productive too!

So, without further ado, here are 4 household activities that can give you a serious workout!

Sweep & Mop the Floor Clean

This a great way to not only clean up your place but also work out your upper and lower body. When you sweep or mop the floor, you burn around 150 calories in an hour. If your floor is particularly dirty, even better! You’ll have to put in more effort in the cleaning process thereby burning more calories!


Tending to your garden – planting saplings, watering plants, taking care of their health – is not just satisfying and peaceful, but also a good way to exercise. Another thing you could do is mow your lawn. When you’re mowing the lawn, not only are you burning calories but also working out your arms. All you need is a manual mower, little willpower, and you’re set. You’ll be burning an astounding 325 calories an hour. What’s more – you’ll save on the money you spend on a gardener!

Wash your Car

Clean up your ride, and burn calories too. Could it get any better than this? Manual car washing burns around 153 calories. However, you can pump up those numbers if you make efforts to clean the insides of the car too!

Clean your Windows

Get scrubbing your windows, and you’ll burn anywhere between 150 to 300 calories per hour. The number is under debate because a lot matters on the technique of cleaning. If you’re putting in sweat, you’ll be burning a lot more than 150!

Do your Laundry

Washing your clothes, putting them out to dry and then ironing them, is quite a productive way to burn calories. Besides saving on laundry money, you’ll burn an astounding 700 calories in a week!

Note: The calories you will burn depend on your body size, gender, etc. But to keep things simple, we’ve assumed an average, healthy 70 KG man. Watch our video. YouTube Channel.




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