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  • Boosts Athletic Ability & Reduce Stress
  • Boosts Natural Testosterone Production
  • Night-time Sleep Support
  • Uplifts Mood & Improves Motor Activity
  • Includes Pro-Androgen Complex for Better Testosterone Support

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  • Boosts Athletic Ability & Reduces Stress
  • Boosts Natural Testosterone Production
  • Night-time Sleep Support
  • Uplifts Mood & Improves Motor Activity
  • Includes Pro-Androgen Complex for Better Testosterone Support

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a naturally occurring hormone produced by the pituitary glands responsible for growth, recovery, energy, and drive. Over 28,000 clinical studies across a 35-year period have documented HGH’s effectiveness in boosting vitality, increasing muscle mass, improving mood, memory, skin and hair, and drastically lowering body fat. However, as you get older, your body produces a lot less HGH and begins to lose your youthful vigor and energy. That’s where HGH Extreme comes in. Powered by scientifically-backed ingredients, it boosts your body’s natural ability to produce HGH. HGH Extreme is a powerful, clinically-tested formula that helps you boost your body’s natural production of Growth Hormone and Testosterone. Get ready to feel happier, healthier, stronger, and younger than ever before.

Boosts Athletic Ability & Reduce Stress

HGH Extreme contains Ashwagandha, trademarked KSM-66 extract, which is the highest concentration extract of Ashwagandha available in the world today. While most companies include 50-100mg of regular ashwagandha in their supplements, we pack a whopping 300mg of KSM-66 extract in each serving, which increases your endurance and immunity while drastically reducing stress and cortisol levels.

Boosts Natural Testosterone Production

HGH Extreme is rich in Fenugreek, a well-known herb for testosterone support. Multiple clinical studies have linked the effectiveness of fenugreek in increasing body’s natural testosterone production. HGH Extreme is supercharged with Nettle extract, which binds to SHBG, thereby increasing the free testosterone available.

Night-time Sleep Support

Melatonin used in HGH Extreme supports sleep patterns and helps you fall and stay asleep all night. You’ll wakeup feeling stronger, fresher and younger

Uplifts Mood & Improves Motor Activity

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that promotes enjoyment and interest in life. Containing L-DOPA (the immediate precursor of dopamine), HGH Extreme has Mucuna which increases Dopamine Production.

Includes Pro-Androgen Complex for Better Testosterone Support

This impacts not only sexual health and libido but also plays a vital role in improving metabolism, cardiovascular health and body composition i.e. the amount and distribution of body fat and muscle.

Nutrition Facts:
Suggested Use:

Adults take 3 tablets by mouth on an empty stomach, either in the morning two hours before breakfast or two hours after dinner prior to bedtime. [Do not eat two hours before or after taking HGH Extreme] Do not exceed 3 tablets in any 24-hour period.
DO NOT USE IT CONTINUOUSLY FOR MORE THAN 90 DAYS. Discontinue use 2 weeks prior to surgery.



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Amazing Product

December 4, 2023

I’m using this product from last 1 month, the results are very satisfying and effective.

Mohit Paul

Excellent Product

December 4, 2023

Well, I have tried many products for increasing my testosterone level but nothing worked then one of my friend recommended me to try Hgh extreme and I was surpired, as it not only contribute in increase the testosterone level but also helps in boosting stamina and reduces my stress level. I thought i should share my experience with you guys.

Harjot Singh

Well done Klr👍

December 4, 2023

Just a quick note of gratitude! You guys never let me down. Been using KLR products for years, and Hgh extreme has been a standout. Thanks for always being my health and wellness partner.


Bestest Product

December 3, 2023

The results are really efficient must use who are facing problems with lack of testosterone level and stamina

Vicky Gogia

Fabulous Results

December 3, 2023

I’m using it from last 2 months but the results can be seen in 1 week, Amazing experience 👍

Nitin Talvar
5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 8 reviews)
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