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Alpha blend protein- Massive Strength. Insane Muscle Pumps. Zero Fatigue.

No, we’re not talking steroids.

This is Alpha Blend. A-game changing protein blend that you cannot afford to ignore if you’re serious about building muscle.

An ultimate mix of fast-acting, moderate acting, and slow-acting Proteins, Alpha blend protein maximizes strength and muscle building by fueling your body with high-quality protein and all the essential amino acids.

Every ingredient used in the Alpha Blend is backed by leading scientific research in the field of nutrition and is tested in the lab and real-world environments for maximum lean muscle gains. The Blend synergizes 4 major protein types thereby maximizing your performance and taking your fitness to the next level.

Whey Protein 

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Whey Protein is a fast-digesting protein derived from milk. It is rich in BCAA’s and plays a major role in promoting muscle growth and recovery after intense training. Besides having proven muscle and strength building benefits, Whey protein also promotes fat loss.

A single scoop of Alpha Blend carries 7.5 grams of Whey Protein Isolate.

Casein Protein

Just like Whey, Casein too is derived from milk.

The difference lies in the absorption rates. Casein is digested and absorbed at a much slower pace, thus keeping you in a constant anabolic state.

Casein converts into a gel on interacting with stomach acid slowing down your bloodstream’s absorption of amino acids. This leads to a gradual and steady release of amino acids and a reduction in the rate of muscle protein breakdown.

One scoop carries 7 Grams of Casein Protein. 

Milk Protein

Milk Protein contains the two types of protein: whey and casein, in the ratio 1:4. Since both these proteins have vastly different absorption rates, this combination leads to a time-based release of amino acids.

These are found in a 20% to 80% ratio. This provides a difference in the time of the release of the amino acids.

A single scoop of Alpha Blend contains 7 grams of Milk Protein.

Egg Protein

Egg proteins are an excellent source of protein because they carry all the 9 essential amino acids that your body cannot produce by itself.  Only second to whey as the highest source of leucine, egg protein plays a vital role in muscle building.

One scoop carries 2.5 grams of Egg Protein. For more info Click Link: https://klr.fit/product/alpha-blend/


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