What is it?

Vegetarian diet is a diet that consumes plant-based products and avoids all animal-based sources. There are different subtopics of vegetarian diets. Lacto-ovo vegetarians, for instance, allows consumption of dairy products and eggs. Pescatarian vegetarians are allowed to consume fish.


It was estimated in 2012, that nearly 5% of the American population followed some form of a vegetarian diet. It is reasonable to assume that that number has since grown due to the growing popularity of plant-based diets here in the United States.

Can I still have Whey Protein if i’m a vegetarian?

It depends on what type of vegetarian you are. Those who follow a lacto-vegetarian type lifestyle would qualify to have a whey protein supplement, since it is derived from a dairy source. If you omit all dairy sources from your diet, then a whey protein product would not be available to you in your diet.